Self-builders Tessa Hop and Menno’s Hoen designed their home in the Wollongong to make life with three young children simpler and easier. They will share their experience in designing simple and easy and they also not forget to make sure the materials that they used is all alright actually they are also contact a help form Asbestos Removal Sydney Cost to make sure that all of the material that they use is asbestos free, because they are already realize that asbestos is danger for health

Dining area

Dining area 

‘We created a combined kitchen, dining and living zone so we could all happily use the same space but do our own thing, too. Our old house had separate rooms, but we didn’t communicate much!’

Sitting area

‘We wanted the interior to be quite calm as it’s such a busy house. We earmarked a lot of space for built-in storage and chose a white colour base for all the rooms,

Dining area corner

Dining area corner 

The couple found the cabinet in an antique shop in Rotterdam and painted it black to give this space a strong focal point. The chair next to it is by the contemporary Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek. ‘I just like the simplicity of his designs,’ says Tessa. See more at SCP.


‘The bar stools get used a lot,’ says Tessa. ‘The boys eat their breakfast here every morning while we’re filling their lunchboxes and getting everything ready for the day, and they also eat here while I’m cooking for myself and Menno in the evening.’


‘The joiner who made our built-in cupboards did our kitchen, too. It meant we could be fussy about the details. Being able to open a door and not see all the fixings and holes for shelf supports was important to us! We love how it’s turned out.’

Main bedroom

Tessa and Menno built a ply wall to put the bed against, which divides off a small dressing area with built-in wardrobes behind, keeping the sleep space clear of clothes, shoes and other clutter.

Suite shower room

The shower and sauna room is accessed via a simple sliding door. ‘Most of the doors in the house are sliding,’ says Tessa. ‘We like the look of them, and they save a lot of space.’

Family bathroom

A bespoke floating countertop with storage drawers keeps the bathroom looking simple, streamlined and uncluttered. Tessa painted one wall in a gentle aqua green shade as the room was in danger of looking too stark in all-white.

Children’s desk corner

Tessa painted halfway up two sides of Guus’s bedroom in a so, blue-grey colour

to create a more cocooning feel and add interest to the otherwise all-white room.

Children’s bedroom Critical pieces of furniture in warm, natural wood – like this modern sleigh bed – and textural scatter rugs make the boys’ rooms feel cozy and characterful.

Children’s bedroom


Instead of having freestanding furniture, the couple planned a built-in wall of storage for each of the boys’ rooms. Like all the beech ply storage in the house, it has been treated with a mix of varnish and white paint to stop it yellowing in the sun.


Clockwise from top left :

Simple peg rails hold utility essentials in the kitchen; a vintage, open-out mirror adds character to the simple entryway; child-height coat pegs keep the lobby organised for quicker comings and goings; simple ply storage lines one wall of the sitting room, with closed cupboards for clutter and open shelving for displaying treasures.

by Seth A. Baker on February 22, 2019