September 8, 2017
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Various ways can be taken so that parents can attend the child who lives with autism better. It is not easy to be a parent of a child living with autism. But with good understanding and learning, parents and children with autism can both grow and live better.

How to Accompany Autism Patients

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In Autism is a developmental disorder that is complex and begins in childhood. This condition affects the behaviour and abilities of children in communicating, both oral and non-verbal, and how children socialize.

The main target of autism treatment is to improve the ability of children to communicate, both oral and non-verbal, and how children socialize. The main target of autism treatment is to improve the overall ability of the child.

It is important for parents to collect, study, and keep updating all information about autism. This is because of the symptoms and nature of autism change from time to time. This change makes the handling also needs to be tailored to the needs of each person with autism.

Consult your doctor about the best treatment for caring for your child. A good care program should be designed to help parents to improve their social skills, adaptation, communication, behaviour, and learning as needed.

Careful Choosing Therapy

Each child, including a child with autism, is unique. No treatment is sure to bring the same benefits if applied to all children. Various methods of treatment, even those that have spread from mouth to mouth or broadcast in the media, not necessarily appropriate for every child.

You need to be wary of whether the treatment offered will bring about drastic changes or even based on weak theory and research. Commonly offered forms of therapy include:

Speech therapy

Most children with autism have difficulty speaking. In other cases, they can talk but are unable to interact or communicate frequently with others. This is where the importance of the role of speech therapy.

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy is used to improve smooth motor development in children with autism who are experiencing a lot of delays.

Behavioral therapy

Children with autism feel very sensitive to light, sound, and touch. The therapist will help find the background of the behaviour to provide a specific solution then.

Educational therapy

The program involves a team of experts who apply a variety of activities that enhance their communication, social, and behavioural skills. Children with autism can develop with well-directed and well-structured education programs.

In addition to the above common therapies, there is another set of alternative treatments that can be used to treat autism such as acupuncture and chelation therapy for blood vessels.

Working with Family Members

A child with autism does not mean not to be included in the daily activities of his family. On the contrary, it is critical to invite family to get used to interacting with it.

Besides beneficial to the child’s development, the situation of mutual support plays an important role so that you, as a father or mother, do not feel alone.

The following are some conditions that can be developed at home with family members:

  • Avoid forcing children. Children with autism are often unable to communicate their needs through verbal language but can be through gestures, pointing objects, or sign language. For example, when going for a walk, you can convey to him while showing pictures of cars.
  • Keep children away from examples of abusive behaviour. Children with autism tend to mimic the behaviour and words of those around them.
  • Make a schedule of activities that children can regularly follow to get them to move from one activity to another in a structured way.
  • Let him still have a chance to spend some time alone.


Drugs can be given to alleviate symptoms of autism. Doctors will usually provide drugs to deal with symptoms associated with autism such as depression, insomnia, aggressive behaviour, or epilepsy.

Alternative Treatment for Autism

There are several other alternative methods that you can try to deal with autism. These ways have not been scientifically proven to deal with autism effectively. So the application should be consulted first to the doctor:

  1. Acupuncture
    Although not yet proven effective, acupuncture is sometimes used as a supportive treatment for reducing symptoms of autism.
  2. Dietary habit
    Although not yet medically proven, but you should reduce foods containing additives such as preservatives in a child’s diet. Also, there have been several studies suggesting that certain diets may help to alleviate the symptoms of autism, but their effectiveness has not been fully proven.
  3. Sensor-based therapy
    Based on the theory that children with autism experience impaired processing of stimuli such as voice and touch, this therapy aims to help people with autism in regulating information received from the sensors of his body.
  4. Creative Therapy
    Therapies such as music and art can reduce the child’s sensitivity to sound and touch stimuli.

Seek Support

Caring for a child with autism requires a lot of attention and patience, almost without pause. You need to continue to seek support and strengthen yourself through various aspects:

  • Information:
    Complete yourself with a variety of information from therapists, doctors, teachers, or nurses about care for your child. Working closely with the school is also an important factor for the education pattern to be in line with home education.
  • Social:
    Seek support from people who have the same experience or talk to fellow mothers of children living with autism.
  • Gathering with friends or going without children can also help you take a distance and pause for a moment.
  • Emotional:
    Caring for a child with autism can make your psychological state exhausted. You need to recharge your energy on vacation alone or with a partner without including your child. Sharing stories with people you trust can ease the burden.
  • Practice:
    Coordinate with family members, close friends, or neighbours who can help you in emergency situations.

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